N-Spindle NSE side entry agitator is one of the most efficient converters of energy into fluid motion. N-Spindle side entry agitators are unlike jet mixing system which suffer energy lost at the pump, in the pipe works, bend and jet nozzle. With a proper engineering design of shut-off device and high efficiency of propellers, N-Spindle can out perform all others mixing devices.


  • Crude oil – to control and prevent accumulation of bottom sludge and water pocket in crude oil storage tank and refineries, terminal or entrepots.
  • Maintain homogeneity – to maintain homogeneity of refinery finished or intermediate process.
  • Blend – to mix two or more difference components and achieved complete top to bottom “turnover”
  • Heat Transfer – to achieve heating or cooling or maintain temperature uniformity
  • Edible oil tank mixing
  • Pulp & Paper industries
  • Waste water plant chemical holding tank