Travaini Hydrosys liquid ring vacuum skid consists of a liquid ring vacuum pump of our series TRH, TRS, TRM, TRV, of an air-liquid cyclone separator, of a heat exchanger, all units being mounted on one compact frame. During the operation, the vacuum pump ejects the sucked gas from the delivery port and also part of the service liquid which is present inside it and which must be continuously made up. The air-liquid mixture is delivered to a cylindric tank where the separation occurs: the gas comes out from the upper delivery port of the tank, ready to be sent again to the vacuum pump. During the suction and compression cycle, the vacuum pump transfer all the work carried out under the form of heat to the service liquid, which, of course, before being recycled, shall be cooled down either by means of a heat exchanger (total circuit) or by the supply of fresh liquid from outside (partial circuit).