N-Spindle Aquamix series submersible mixer is designed for flushing and cleaning of pump sumps and wide range of applications in sewage treatment plants, industrial mixing applications, avoidance of deposits, stirring and flow formations. N-Spindle Aquamix submersible mixers are capable to install up to 10m diameter tank or pool, optional for higher tank size.

The Aquamix submersible mixer motor is built with pressure-tighten capsulated with cast iron or stainless steel housing, oil chamber and high-performance propeller, included with installations bracket.

Common revolutions of the motor are operating at 1450 rpm (50Hz) and 1750 rpm (60Hz), class F with IP 68 protection.

All bearing are sealed lubricated for life, L-10. Shaft seal build with lip seal and double silicon carbide mechanical seal.

To achieve optimum installation position for a particular design of applications, all mixers are built with an adjustable bracket.

Standard operating conditions are limited to liquids temperature not more than 40°C, acidic or alkaline waste value between pH 3 to pH 11 with density less than 1150 kg/m3.