Liquid ring vacuum pump is a cost-effective pump with less wear and simpler, affordable maintenance. With robust construction and only one moving part, the rotor (which is mounted on a shaft supported by a set of bearings), liquid ring vacuum pump is designed for long service life. Find out more about liquid ring vacuum pump from Pompe Travaini.

Typical Applications for Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps:

Abrasives Manufacturer: Vacuum Filtration to dewater abrasive grits

Aircraft Industry:
• Vacuum chucking for handling and holding parts
• Altitude Chamber work
• Carburetor testing Vacuum Filling of fluid

Automobile Industry:
• Vacuum filling of fluid for brakes and power steering
• Carburetor testing
• Engine testing

Battery Manufacturer: Vacuum drying of battery plates

Beverage Industry:
• Bottle filling under vacuum
• Vacuum on power filling machines

Bleach and Detergent Industry:
• Bottle handling equipment
• Bottle filling under vacuum
• Vacuum on power filling machine

Brewing Industry:
• Bottle filling under vacuum
• Vacuum de‐aeration of make‐up water
• Air agitation of malt and yeast during fermentation using liquid ring pump as compressor

Brick and Clay Industry:  De‐aeration of clay in extruders

Bottling Machine Manufacturer: Vacuum pumps to be fitted on machines

Can Manufacturer: Vacuum used to hold top on aerosol cans during sealing

Candy Industry:
• Vacuum cooking
• Flash cooling by vacuum

Carbon Black Industry: Vacuum de‐aeration of graphite products

Carburetor Manufacturer: Carburetor testing to provide vacuum for calibration

Casting‐Investment Type and Die‐Casting:
• Carburetor testing to provide vacuum for calibration
• Remove of air from dies and molds

Ceramic Industry: De‐aeration of ceramic materials in extruders

Cheese Industry: Vacuum packing

Chemical Industry:
• Vacuum on distillation and evaporating processes
• Vacuum on chemical reactors and other processes
• Vacuum exhausting on resin kettles
• Vacuum drying of synthetic fibers and other material
• Vacuum de‐aeration of caustic solutions in rayon manufacture
• Vacuum filling and transfer of liquids to reactors
• Vacuum filtration
• De‐aeration of liquids and solids
• Vacuum stripping of gasses such as butadiene from latex
• Distillation of fatty acids and synthetic resins
• Process vacuum in place of steam ejectors

Citrus Products:
• De‐aeration of juices
• Vacuum on evaporators
• Vacuum filtration of waste products

Coal Mining: De‐watering on vacuum filters only on mines treating the “coal fines” i.e. 28 mesh size and smaller

• Vacuum pumps for the manufacture of powered coffee
• Vacuum filling
• Vacuum drying of instant coffee
• Bottle filling

Concrete Industry: De‐aeration and vacuum lifting of pre‐cast concrete slabs

Confectionery Industry:
• Vacuum cooling
• Vacuum cookers

Copper Extraction: Vacuum filtration

• Distillation
• Bottle filling

Cotton Products:
• Vacuum for deodorization of cottonseed oil
• Distillation of fatty acids
• Sterilize vacuum pumps

Dairy Industry and Dairy Products:
• Vacuum on evaporating pans
• Flash cooling of milk under vacuum
• Vacuum pumps on homogenizers
• Deodorization of milk under vacuum
• Vacuum pumps in the manufacture of powdered milk
• Vacuum filling of containers
• Vacuum for automatic milking machines
• Liquid ring compressors for aeration and agitation

Dredging: Large vacuum pump to degas dredge pumps

Dry Cleaning: Vacuum on process to improve drying time

Electrical Equipment:
• Transformer filling, coil impregnation
• Turbine gland exhaust

Envelopes: Vacuum pick‐up folding machines

• Vacuum transfer of liquids
• Vacuum de‐aeration of solutions
• Vacuum drying
• Vacuum filtration

• Vacuum drying
• Impregnation under vacuum

Fertilizers: Vacuum filtration on phosphoric acid filters

Film Processing: Vacuum drying of film

Filter Manufacturer: Vacuum pumps for vacuum filters

Fish Processing:
• Vacuum deodorizing
• Vacuum drying fish meal
• Flash cooling under vacuum
• Vacuum evisceration

Food Products:
• Bottle filling
• Vacuum deodorization
• Vacuum de‐aeration
• Vacuum drying of fruits and nuts
• Vacuum filtration on starch
• Vacuum cooking and distillation
• Vacuum canning and packaging
• Oil-free air agitation

Gas Specialties:
• Evacuation under vacuum of old gases cylinders prior to filling
• Vacuum drying of oxygen cylinders
• Glass Industry: Vacuum holding of glasses and bottles during manufacturing
• Vacuum lifting of plate glass
• Vacuum chucking

• Vacuum for sterilizes
• Central vacuum systems

Liquor Industry:
• Oil-free air agitation
• Vacuum distillation

Lubricants (reconditioning):
• De‐aeration and drying of greases
• Vacuum degassing

Macaroni Products: Vacuum de‐aeration of dough to improve the structure and create firmness

• Vacuum priming of centrifugal pumps
• Condenser evacuation
• Water de‐aeration and degassing
• Turbine gland exhausters
• Vacuum for vacuum toilets

Medical Equipment:
• Vacuum pumps for steam sterilizes to cool and dry.
• Vacuum pumps on sterilizes to handle ethylene chloride (10% by volume)

Mining: Vacuum filtration on the following ore processing: Alumna – Coalfines – Copper – Feldspar Flour spar – Gold – Iron ore – Lead –Uranium – Vanadium – Zinc

Oil, Vegetable:
• Vacuum deodorizing of oils such as cottonseed oils, peanut oil, soybean oil, etc.
• Differential distillation of oils
• Oil-free air for agitation

Paint Industry:
• Vacuum de‐aeration
• Vacuum distillation of synthetic resins
• Vacuum drying
• Vacuum recovery

Paper Converting: Vacuum on pulp molders such as eggs cases, paper plates, paper cones, etc.

Petroleum Industry:
• Flue gas compressors for CO2 recovery (maximum allowable temperature is 100°F)
• Bronze pump required if SO2 is present
• Vacuum filling and cleaning of barrels
• Vacuum priming of pumps
• Vapor recovery from storage tanks
• Vacuum filtration for dewaxing

• Bottle filling, vacuum distillation
• Vacuum for capsule filling
• Vacuum shelf dryers

Plastics Industry:
• Vacuum molding
• Vacuum de‐aeration on plastic mixers and plastic extruders

Plating Industry:
• Air agitation of solution
• Vacuum chucking

Poultry Processing:
• Vacuum evisceration
• Vacuum packaging
• Vacuum drying of egg products

Power Plants:
• Maintain vacuum on main condenser with hogging and
• Holding pumps
• De‐aeration of condenser water‐box
• Turbine gland exhauster
• De‐aeration and degassing of boiler‐feed water make‐up
• Priming of centrifugal pumps

Pulp & Paper Industry: Usually large pumps of 3000‐9000 c.f.m. for moisture removal on paper machines

• Vacuum distillation on concentration
• Vacuum de‐aeration and drying

Rubber Products:
• De‐aeration of latex and synthetic rubber
• Vacuum stripping of butadiene on latex process
• Vacuum drying of synthetic rubber
• Removal of steam from tire molding
• Vacuum holding during molding

Sewage Treatment Plants: Sludge vacuum filtration

Silver Refining: Vacuum filtration

Soap Manufacturing:
• De‐aeration on extruders
• Packaging applications

Sugar Refining, Beet & Crane:
• Vacuum on evaporators
• Vacuum de‐aeration of clarified liquor in storage for carbonation
• Flue gas compressors to recover CO2
• Vacuum filtration on clarified juice and sludge

Textile Industry:
• Drying of fabric on vacuum slot to remove excess water
• Drying of fabric under heat and vacuum
• Autoclave for textile sterilization
• Vacuum on autoclave for heating and setting twist on super tricot nylon

Tobacco Industry:
• Vacuum Drying
• Vacuum Packaging

Transformer Manufacturer and Servicing: Vacuum filling and removal of air

Water treatment Industry:
• Vacuum de‐aeration to remove gasses prior to treatment
• De‐aeration and provide clear water and reduce corrosion in distribution systems
• Air agitation to oxidize bacteria
• Flue gas compressors to recover CO2 for use on water treatment systems.
• Vacuum distillation of seawater

Wine Industry:
• Vacuum filtration of waste products
• Vacuum for evaporators and concentrators
• Bottle filling

Wire Manufacturing:
• Plastic covering of wire with vacuum to draw plastic to wire and remove air bubbles
• Vacuum on wire forming die

Wood Processing:
• Vacuum impregnation
• Vacuum drying to process greenwood in autoclaves
• Vacuum holding of plywood during manufacturing