A liquid ring vacuum pump is a rotating positive-displacement pump. It is commonly used for processes like liquid priming, distillation, evaporation, central vacuum system, extrusion, bottle filling, packaging, vacuum forming, cooking, holding & so on.

These processes are utilized in industries such as water dam, solvent recovery, food & beverage, poultry, textiles, woodworking, pharmaceutical, paper & pulp, semiconductor, chemical, power plant, environmental and oil & gas.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps utilize water or other processes compatible liquid as the sealant in the process of generating vacuum pressure. It is a vacuum pump, simple to operate, with no contacting parts, making it a safe and reliable choice for handling dirty and potentially dangerous gas streams. It is available in single and two-stage designs and also configured as compressors for even more versatility.

With robust construction and only one moving part, the rotor (which is mounted on a shaft supported by a set of bearings), liquid ring vacuum pump is designed for long service life. It is a cost-effective pump with less wear and simpler, affordable maintenance.

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